Parents Say the Darndest Things…

I saw this blog post retweeted:

It made me fast-forward in my memory from those dreamy days when my husband and I were expecting our first child, to when we said some real winning “declarations” in our role as parents.

Things I’ve heard myself or my husband say, in all seriousness to our kids:

“No more vitamins until you finish your pizza!”
OK, we had these new gummy vitamins that were supposedly good for kids, but really they were mostly sugar.

“No sitting on boxes with kids in them!”
Because we often store our kids in boxes. Ya know. When they’re being bad. Kidding! Actually, it was just simply the best cardboard box maze ever.

“Be careful when you’re standing on this end of the table, because it might tip over.”
Um, maybe we should try to steer the children away from standing on tables instead?

“You won’t get a cupcake until you finish your sushi.”
Right. So pizza before vitamins. But sushi before cupcakes.

Gotta love it. Gotta laugh.


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