Eating Lean: Step by Step

healthy_eating_nutrition_and_fitness_in_easthampton_northampton_holyoke_southampton_westhampton_areaIn July 2012, I joined a studio gym in Easthampton, MA call Fitness Fusion (known for specialized group training and personal fitness training). After years of working out on my own, doing everything from swimming, biking, YMCA elliptical, African Dance class, and p90x, joining this gym was the PERFECT thing for me. Why?

  1. Creative, fun and challenging workouts
  2. Really great gym community – nice people, hard-working, supportive, no-judgement… have become good buds.
  3. Head trainer – super approachable, expert, fun, all around cool.

In January 2013, I started experimenting with lean eating. Being the person I am, I reflected on my learnings and turned them into an article. Very pleased that this very article was published in Fitness Fusion’s blog.


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