Christmas Cookies – Letting Kids Work Out the Work Flow

20131226-105654.jpgHere’s my December 24th entry in my “Giving Good Attention to Kids” Observation Journal (referenced in my Dec 15th, 2013 post).


Making Christmas cookies.


I invited Charlie and Ian to help me sprinkle powdered sugar on the Lintzer tart cookies I made to take to Christmas Eve tonight. Today is my birthday, so I said that I would like to sprinkle sugar on the first batch. Then Charlie and Ian can help. Charlie does the next batch. As the cookies are running out, it’s getting contentious in terms of who sprinkle which ones and how much.


I start to intervene in their not-quite-argument. But neither one is listening to me. Thank goodness, I take that moment to step back from the situation and realize I can just shut my mouth and let them work it out. They do!

Charlie will finish sprinkling her second batch. Then Ian will do the last batch. They will save two tops and two bottoms for Tristan to sprinkle. I am assembling the tops and bottoms (spreading raspberry jam in between) to make the finished tarts. Charlie is directing Ian as to where to put the cookies so they are ready for me. She’s just directing the whole operation but in this very polite, respectful way. She sees how it should be orchestrated. Ian is happily being directed, probably because it makes logical sense. They are a big help and we have fun.


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