A Good Time to let my 6-Year-Old Be in Charge

photoHere’s my December 30th entry in my “Giving Good Attention to Kids” Observation Journal (referenced in my Dec 15th, 2013 post).


At Memere’s house. (Memere is my husband’s grandmother).


Ian asked me if I’d help him build his new lego set.


I said, “Sure!” And we sat down together to do it. It was interesting because it didn’t take long to realize that he had a way it wanted to go, and I had a way I wanted it to go. Where to put the lego pieces, where to put the instruction book, who finds the pieces, who builds the next step, etc.

I kept checking myself though… to defer to his way. Totally the right thing to do for this exercise. It was absolutely a place where he should be in charge and in control.

The eye-opening thing for me is how much and how often I wanted to control things. Even little things that just don’t matter. Sheesh!


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