Do One Small Thing … to Act on What Inspires You

charlie_wistfulIn our lives, we meet people who inspire us. Something they say. Something they’ve done. Maybe it’s a news story about a high-powered entrepreneur of a global company volunteering at a local school and working 1-1 with a downs syndrome child. Or maybe you are watching your friend, a single mom, who works around the clock still pause to cuddle with her daughter and read her story. These small heroics are actually quite BIG to the person/people they touch.

Maybe some inspiration comes to you by way of:

  • A blog post.
  • One of those word and graphic things people share on Facebook.
  • A you tube video.
  • A bumper sticker!

But too often, we get inspired! We smile. And then we put our head back down and plod ahead the way we always do.

This blog post is a call to action!

The next time something inspires you, before you come down from that cloud and go back to life as usual… STOP. Think of one small thing you can do to act on that inspiration and make it part of your life. Then DO that one small thing.

Little things can be powerful and they build to great things.

Let’s make it a great 2014!


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