It’s Really True… Marketers DO Wreck Marketing

Below is a great talk about how to approach storytelling in today’s landscape of social media, short attention spans, and the “control” we have over our time.

One side point the talk makes is resonating with me today. Gary talks about the problem with great marketing ideas is that marketers WRECK them by doing them over and over. He talked about his first email campaigns and his open ratio compared to today. He gave the example of places like Groupon and how they kill you with a ceaseless list of offers that you just don’t care about. The point is: By sending you so much that’s irrelevant to you, marketers wreck the opportunity for when something IS relevant.

I’m living proof of the Groupon story right now.

I signed up for my first Groupon deal a few weeks ago and I get an email from Groupon (feels like daily, but it’s probably not that frequent). And I’m ANNOYED every time. And yet, I’m too lazy to go through minor-pain-in-the-assery of unsubscribing. Sometimes these unsubscribes are easy. Sometimes they are clunky and convoluted and just make me madder. For that reason, I tend to hit delete on things like this until I reach a tipping point where I’m willing to sally forth into the unknown land of how they’ve set up their unsubscribe.

In terms of Groupon, no more excuses, I’ll unsubscribe now. Will I use a Groupon deal again? Maybe. But only if a relevant deal is pointed out to me by a friend or a trusted source as was true in this case. However, they’ve left a bad taste in my mouth, so no promises.



One thought on “It’s Really True… Marketers DO Wreck Marketing

  1. I am so glad to be reading this from someone else. The lists I stay subscribed to are the ones that infrequently contact me about things that feel like close matches. The ones I quickly unsubscribe from are those that mail daily or even twice daily in hopes of selling more, more, more, without regard to whether I’m apt to be interested in the deals they’re touting. There’s already enough noise in this world without being further bombarded by folks who inaccurately believe more is (still) better.

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