Website Example of a “Human” User Experience


Several months ago, at about the time my Eating Lean: Step by Step article went live on Easthampton’s Fitness Fusion website, I came across several articles on fat (what is fat, what are good fats, etc.)? I saved a link to one I wanted to come back to.

Just last night, I actually DID go back to that article. This is what I saw when I got there (screenshot above). There’s a few reasons why as a web designer and a user I love that Precision Nutrition handled the link this way:

  1. The first thing that caught me is the playful tone they use to “say what they gotta say.” Nice human touch… I’m listening.
  2. Now on to the message in terms of the “facts.” These are a.) The article I’m going to is not the most up to date and b.) Precision Nutrition has newer information published on their site. These things are helpful for users to know.
  3. Lastly, let’s look at the message conveyed in terms of the “impression.” These are the impressions I get: a.) Here’s an outfit who’s on top of their game. Why? When someone heads deep into their site, directly to an article, they don’t let it be a dead link (page not found), they don’t just hijack the user and take them some place else (that newer information), instead they own up to it and make it easy for me to decide what I want to do. b.) This also gives the impression of an honest, organization run by people who care, and who have a degree of humility (to ADMIT that information is not the most current).

Well done.


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