Xtine’s Law of Perpetual Energy

I have this theory and the more I tested it, the more I realized it was not just a theory. I decided to make it a law. (My second law, at that.)

And it’s just this:

You can keep your productivity (and enjoyment of what you’re doing) very high by:

1. Working where you’re inspired

2. Switching gears when your productivity starts to lag. This literally FRESHENS your energy.

Example: I’m a CEO, a door-opener, a designer, a mom, a wife, a writer, an athlete, a dabbler at piano, a person who enjoys mowing lawns, “straightening things” and vacuuming, and more.

When I’m doing a lot of “thought work,” I will find it restful and energizing to write a blog post, or design a marketing flyer. OR, I might enjoy reading a book to my kids.

Often, after a long day of work when I’m tired, the first thing I want to do is go dig into an insane cardio workout. To the outside observer it looks like, “Damn, she’s still going!”

But actually, because the new activity uses DIFFERENT parts of my brain, body and being, it rests my tired parts. And it gives way to the energetic parts of me that are bursting to be used.

I call it Xtine’s Law of Perpetual Energy. And while it does require supplements of good nourishing food and periods of sleep, it’s pretty self-sustaining in all other ways.




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