The News vs. Seth Godin


I’m going to admit something that I’ve always felt sheepish about saying out loud, though I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way… I really (I mean really) dislike reading today’s headlines — “the news.”


Because the percentage of upset compared to the percentage of hope is abysmal. I force myself to read it. To be current. To know what’s going on. (I don’t do this all the time because I don’t like it).

Today, after about 15 minutes of it, I felt exhausted, and like the earth’s gravitational pull had somehow just increased. I felt small, tired and powerless. What do I do about these bigger than big things happening in this world that are so terrible?

I’m still grappling with how to deal with this. Processing news. Hearing the bad stuff. And still having energy to do something good.

Is ignoring the news” an answer? I don’t think so. Living in a self-made perception of the world where everything is lovely causes us, by being detached, to be a new and different problem.

Today, when I felt the way I described above, I decided I needed a dose of inspiration. I turned to Seth Godin’s blog and read the latest few posts. It worked. There was normal gravity on Earth again. Thanks Seth. I needed that.


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