Xtine’s Thought of Today: Sometimes you need to work ON your life and not IN it…

One of my favorite bits of advice I ever got from a business mentor is the reminder that I needed to make time to work ON my business and not just IN my business. Anyone in business, knows what this means. And as soon as they hear it, they usually get it. Yes! This is important.

Today I realized, the same is true in life. Sometimes you need to work ON your life. Not just in it.


Xtine’s Thought of Today: Above your comfort zone is where the best things happen…

I didn’t make up the saying, “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” But, it’s worth sharing. Outside of your comfort zone (above it) is where the best things happen. My advice? Get there often.

How will you do it today? This week?

Xtine’s Thought of Today: “Small” matters more and is easier to do…

This was from a blog post I did a couple of days ago. But the opening statement of that post is worth being pulled out as a short and sweet thought of the day…


My “a-ha!” moment of the day. Every client interaction can be relationship building. Sometimes in small ways. Sometimes in big ways.

The small ways can matter more than the big ways, and are easier to do.


Xtine’s Thought of Today: “Just” is a four letter word…

“Can’t you just do this?” … “We can just make it work.” … “We are just changing one thing.”

In these examples, just implies “not very much work.” Sometimes this is true. But sometimes when you hear or say “just” it means you (or someone near you) is grossly underestimating something.

What’s the key take away?

Just this. Be honest and aware of when “just” is justified (and when it’s not).

Xtine’s Thought of Today – My Newest Blog Category

Very often, one concise thought is enough to create an avalanche of inspiration.

So that’s why I’m starting a new blog category called “Xtine’s Thought of Today.” I may post these pithy little gems every day… or not. Focusing on quality, not quantity and curious to see how this little experiment goes.