Even if You’re Justified, Being Rude Makes You Sound Like a Jerk

I recently overheard an interaction between two people I know. One person was brusque (basically they sounded rude) in their words to the other person. Without having any context, my immediate emotional response was to feel sympathy for the non-brusque person. (And to think the other person was being a jerk.)

Later I came to hear of the validity of the frustrations of the brusque person. I would have felt the same way as they did were I in their situation.

This whole situation is interesting to me though.

  • Does it matter if you come off like “the jerk” even if you’re totally right?
  • When and how is it effective to express anger or frustration?

I don’t believe there is one right answer for all situations. I do think it’s worthwhile to think about the above questions (preferably when you’re in a calm way of thinking).