Low Hanging Fruit Can Be a Distractor

Let’s tackle the low hanging fruit first. We’ve all heard that expression. It sounds great — doing the easiest, fastest work to cross out the most items on our list. Feels gratifying, right?

But, it can be a distractor.

In a recent talk I attended on website usability, Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, cautioned the audience about being tempted to go after the deliciousness of the low hanging fruit, whilst ignoring that one big, glaring hard problem. Instead, he advises, “Do the least amount of work possible to make your biggest problem, no longer be your biggest problem.”

At first when you hear, “Do the least amount of work possible,” that might ring of being lazy. But read that again. It’s actually smart time and resource management. Once your biggest problem is no longer your biggest problem, you can repeat that approach. You can do the least amount of work (again) and make your new biggest problem no longer your biggest problem.

Low hanging fruit feels good to power through. But it can be a distractor from your priorities.